sauska winery


Sauska is a family-owned and operated winery with vineyards in both Tokaj (NE Hungary) and Villany (SW Hungary). We grow indigenous and international grape varieties and use only the power of gravity and ambient yeasts to craft our wines. They run the gamut from sparkling to still; dry to sweet; white, red and rose.

Teamed up with a young, talented and passionate staff we truly enjoy our journey with the desire to make world-class wines, that are precise, elegant and uniquely Hungarian.


Today’s gold standards, rules now written in stone, all started out at one point as an experiment. Passionate, brave people’s most creative ideas were gradually transformed into common practices by several generations. This is why we are so keen to understand and accept this ever-changing world around us. To see and learn what we have to do in Tokaj and in Villány where we belong.


Complicated, rich, mysterious. Also traditional, beautifully-worn, gracefully-aging and distant, as a true legend should be. For two decades we have continually strived to figure out what it has to say, and we tremendously enjoy every minute of that ongoing conversation. Tokaj was never more ready to shine and we are proud to be part of its renaissance.  Let`s raise a glass of Furmint bubbles to it!


This is not just a wine country to us… it is our heritage. For Christian, it is Somberek, the tiny village nearby where his family lived for centuries. For Peter, it is Bóly, his birthplace. For our Cabernet Sauvignon, it is the cold plateau of Siklós where its lean acidity comes from. For our Cabernet Franc, it is the searing-hot Devil`s Ditch. Villány is warm, homey and inviting. Once people arrive, no one ever wants to leave its magic.


The Sauska sparkling wines embody the Tokaj terroir through their indigenous and international varietals expressions. Furmint and Hárslevelű, as well as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are 100% estate-grown, shaped to perfection in the 150-year-old limestone cellars situated in Budapest. This part of the city, also known as Budafok, was an idyllic land of vineyards from the Roman times on and by the mid-19th century, it became the center of local wine production. Outstanding temperature conditions, steadily circulating fresh air and robust walls providing perfect light protection characterize the 150-year old cellar system where we housed our sparkling wines in 2015.



Sauska Furmint 2020

A rich, dry indigenous Furmint from Tokaj, Hungarys most prestigious historical wine region. Fresh, cinnamon in the nose along with serious volcanic minerality, great fresh fruitiness and impressive length.


Sauska Birsalmás Furmint 2018

Elegant dry Furmint with mint and chamomile aromas. Rich on the palate with citrus, filthy minerality and fine tobacco. The salty minerality stays long in the mouth and lead to the fennel and pistachio finish.


Sauska Brut

Pale yellow. The wines backbone is bold Furmint completed by the fragile Hárslevelű and the elegant Chardonnay. Intensive, tiny bubbles, stunning minerality and a pleasantly long finish. Great aging potential.


Sauska Cuvée 7 Villány 2017 

Deep purple, almost black. Toasted wood, blueberry, plum and blackberry in the nose along with prune, cinnamon, truffle cream and cocoa. Sweet spices and chocolate characterize the mouthfeel and lead to the long and layered finish. Clean and well-structured with well-integrated tannins.


Sauska Cuvée 13 2019 

Warm ruby red. Aromas of plum, gooseberries and freshly baked sourdough bread dominate the nose. On the palate, a lovely outburst of red forest fruits, delicate freshness. Lean and proportionate body, clean and balanced finish. The perfect everyday red.


Sauska Cabernet Franc Siklós 2017

Deep violet with ruby hues. Serious richness of aromas, tension and elegance, tobacco and oriental spices, mostly cardamom, cloves, and a touch of cinnamon. On the palate, ripe red berries, blackcurrant, raspberry, blackberry. Silky tannins, great length, attractive complexity.