Katy Perry loves Budapest, cheers with Ezerjó!

Did you know that the video clip called Firework by Katy Perry was shot in Budapest? Watch the video and enjoy the fascinating scenery of Chain Bridge with the famous stone lions, the Castle of Buda over the river Danube, and the city with fireworks lighting the sky. 20th August is the day of the coronation of our first king, and also the day commemorating the constitution of Hungary. On this day there are festivals, fairs and fireworks all over Hungary, especially in Budapest. Visit Hungary, enjoy the fireworks, and of course enjoy some Hungarian wines, for example Frittmann Gold, a méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine made of indigenous Ezerjó grape. Small bubbles nicely go up in this lemon coloured sparkling wine. On the nose, it shows typically characteristic aromas of méthode traditionelle sparkling wines of yeast, sponge-cake and biscuits. The elegant sip structure is completed by medium acid level and creamy bubbling. On the palate, herbal and grapefruit aromas complete the notes of the bouquet.”

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