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Kiss, drink wine and make the world a better place!

There is not much history behind the International Kiss Day, what we know is that it is celebrated on April 13 to commemorate the longest kiss, which lasted 58 hours and the record was carried on by a Thai couple during a contest.

Interesting enough that kissing is not considered a romantic action everywhere: in 91 countries out of the 168 people don’t kiss each other in a romantic way (like at the end of a Hollywood movie). Another fun fact: the average amount of time a person spends kissing is 20.160 minutes, which comes out to two full weeks of their lives.

Let’s celebrate Kissing Day with wine (obviously) and kissing!

Zsolt Gere is a young and dedicated winemaker in Villány wine region, and besides the more complex, more sophisticated wines he also has a playful, youthful series of wines.

‘Kisasszony’ (‘Miss’) is a rosé made of 100% Kadarka – which is not common at all. The intense nose surprisingly reminds us of white wines. Due to clone P9 the wine wine is even spicier than the average Kadarka with some floral notes, red berry fruits appear in the background. Vibrant acidity, long finish, a true, crispy spring wine.

‘Jampi’ (Teddy Boy) is 100% Portugieser, a light, spicy wine from a young vineyard with earthy notes and some barrel spices (maturation is large barrel).

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