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Love on the plates

Lokál 47, the new restaurant and wine bar of Kristinus Wine Estate

“…we are waiting for you with a small plate concept, local ingredients, biodynamic wines and lots of love, for lunch, dinner or just wine tasting.” So where does this immense amount of love come from to the southern corner of Lake Balaton? Let us explain!

From fancy estate to devoted biodynamic farmer

It was about 12 years ago when we first tasted Kristinus wines. They were nice but mediocre, however the estate looked glamorous and in every step they made the look and the stylish swirling of the wines seemed to be more important than the wine itself. Then the management changed, Florian Zaruba took over. Then, as he spent more time in the vineyardwith his beloved dog, among the local folks and vineyard workers, he started to change. He realized that the way they had worked was not sustainable, wearing gas masks during spraying cannot be normal. So he started to convert the estate into a fully biodynamic property (read our previous interview with Florian Zaruba).
Now the estate is thriving, butterflies and cows live in perfect harmony, love is really in the air. What is more, not only the vineyards have been filled with life, but also the wines. Kristinus wines are far more to be mediocre, they have personality, they make you feel to be alive.

Local indeed

The state-of-the-art estate building of Kristinus is worth a visit in itself, they also have some rooms, plus usually there is an in site restaurant. Usually, because after several attempts, it had to close during the pandemic. As life seems to become normal again, the empty kitchen was waiting for someone, who shares the philosphy of the estate and is able to lead a sustainable restaurant. Richárd Csillag used to work at Kistücsök restaurant, the most famous restaurant of South Balaton. He met is partner, Janka over there (love again) and now they lead Lokál 47 with all their love and passion. The couple operates a growers’ market in the town of Nagykanizsa nearby, and the growers are not only their suppliers, but their friends as well. And what does the number 47 stand for? “We have learned that it is worth fighting for quality, local ingredients. 47, because we have our own estate 47 km away, where we also farm. We promise that raw material will be on the plates from there too!”

Lokál47 Richár Csillag and Janka, Kristinus

Some mouthwatering dishes from the menu

– Strudel stuffed with porcini, garnished with pickled chicken of the woods
Paired with Kristinus Róka Rosé 2021

– Breaded wild boar piglet fillet with home made mayonnaise
Paired with Liquid Sundowner 2020

– Catfish fillet, butternut squash, dill
Paired with Kelet Cuvée 2020

All the growers and producers of the ingredients are listed in the menu, therefore we know exactly where the porcini comes from (Zsolt Szabó / Fox Chili) or who bred the catfish (Panarini Fish House).
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Lokál47 and Kristinus Wine Estate

Kristinus Borbirtok
8713 Kéthely, Hunyadi u. 99.

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