Frittmann Kunság Rose with lecsó recipe

‘Lecsó”, the Hungarian ratatouille

Frittmann food and wine pairing

If summer, we eat ‘lecsó’, almost every week. A light, healthy, easy-to-make dish, ideal for garden parties and perfect if we want to eat something quickly. Frittmann Winery presents an alternative to the usual recipe – certainly with a Frittmann wine. With lecsó we can pair a Kadarka if we want red wine, but a rosé is also a good option, especiall for lunch when the temperature is high.


Cut some onion and garlic, fry it, add some green pepper (the vegetable) cut into small stripes, then add some tomatoes cut into cubes as well. Season it with red paprika (certainly from Hungary), salt and pepper. Cook the whole mixture until tender. You can add sausages, you can serve it with fried bacon, and in many parts of the country lecsó is popular with pasta, cottage cheese and sour cream (you place the pasta on the plate first, then put some cottage cheese on top od the pasta, then comes a good portion of lecsó and add some spoons of sour cream to make it even better).

Frittmann family winery added some extra touch: they used a hand mixer to make a puree of the lecsó, baked a red pepper in the oven, added some coctail tomatoes, some pearl onions, cooked it al together and added some zucchini slices, cooked for another minute and served it with toast. Delicious!

Watch the video and do it yourself! (The commentary is in Hungarian, but it is enough to watch the video.)

Frittmann Rosé 2021

Frittman rosé is made of 100% Kékfrankos. Light pink colour, cherry, strawberry and rosehip on the nose with some spiciness. The same cheerful and fruity aromas appear in the sip as well. Light body, low alcohol and crispy acidity. Refreshing, juicy, lovely.

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Another lecsó recipe by Taste Hungary – they sell Hungarian paprika in the United States and in European countries!

Watch the video of the recipe here:


Lecsó, A Recipe For the Last Summer Days


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