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October – the month of Hungarian wines in Sweden

Hungarian Embassies work hard to spread the word about Hungarian wines all over the world. An annual wine selection helps them to select the best wines to offer at embassy events, receptions, but some ambassadors go beyond these basics, like Her Excellency Adrien Müller, Hungary’s ambassador in Sweden. Thanks God she loves wine and considers national winemaking an important issue.

A whole wine magazine issue about Hungary

A special issue of Livets Goda Swedish magazine is dedicated to Hungarian wines in October with detailed, wonderfully illustrated articles about Tokaj and Badacsony wine regions, including wine recommendations, wine tourist tips and great recipes with wine pairings from Sigrid Bárány, winner of Sweden’s Master Chef 2012.
The magazine can be downloaded from this link

Systembolaget – a place to go now

As the ambassador writes in the preface of the magazine: “A selection of fine Hungarian wines is available in Systembolaget and in number of restaurants all over Sweden. We would like to send you a clear invitation and message with this special edition in the Livets Goda that Hungarian wine is worth to try and Hungarian wine regions are the best to visit for harvest experience or just simply for a wine tasting tour. We launch Hungarian Wine Week in Sweden with our importer partners and partner restaurants offering Hungarian wine through October. (…) We would be happy to see you leaving Systembolaget with a bottle of Hungarian wine or visiting one of our partner restaurants.”

Try new varieties

Swedish shelves offer diverse wines from Tokaj, but Badacsony wine region seem to have raised some interest as well. It might be due to Villa Sandahl, a winery run by a Swedish couple in Badacsony. We must be grateful to this couple, because they drew attention of Swedish people to other producers. Endre Szászi’s Olaszrizling (the most grown variety of lake Balaton, which includes Badacsony region) from organic vineyard has achieved high evaluation and is really worth trying!

A real ambassador

Why is Her Excellence so enthusiastic about wines? We all are by birth, but she gives explanation in the preface of Livets Goda: “As a diplomat I spend majority of my time outside my homeland. The limited time I am “home” should be carefully considered and planned. But one of my favourites is visiting winemakers’ cellars, enjoying their exceptionally warm hospitality, the view from their cellar to their wine fields and hills, tasting the wonderful wine and food they offer, learning their honest respect for grapes and wine which is not only their job but their passion and their life. To be even more personal I share with you photos of this summer with my family and friends visiting some of those lovely wine cellars. Don’t miss this feeling, follow my recommendation.” So don’t refuse an honest invitation by an Ambassador – or in Sweedish: Neka inte en hjärtlig och innerlig inbjudan från en ambassador!

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