Living history flavoured with wine: Sabar Olaszrilzing in a medieval castle

Sárvár is a small, but lovely town in the western part of Hungary. The place is famous for its spas, Hotel Spirit five star hotel is one of the best hotel in Hungary, and the castle of Sárvár with the bloody story of Erzsébet Báthory also deserves attention.

The castle of a serial killer?

„Nádasdy Castle, named after the influential Hungarian aristocratic family, is at the centre of some truly shocking tales. As well as being the rumoured setting of Erzsebet Báthory’s violent crimes, it has also witnessed centuries of military struggles and political disruption.

Step back in time to the 17th century heyday of the Nádasdy family, headed by celebrated soldier Ferenc Nádasdy and his wife Erzsebet, supposedly history’s most prolific female serial killer” – as we can read in a Sárvár hotel’s website. Was she really a Guiness Record murderer? According to the most researches, she was the caring wife of Ferenc Nádasdy, who spent most of her time alone in the castle (and other castles that belong to the Nádasdy empire) while her husband was busy with his military service. Erzsébet became a widow, and she managed the huge estates alone – there are evidences that her accusation was due to this immense fortune. She was executed so that the estates could have been confiscated.

The best wine of the Nádasdy Historic Festival

The spirit of history lingers on in this beautiful castle, therefore a historic festival is organized annually, it took place last weekend. The festival is over, but you can still visit the castle in Sárvár, and you can still taste the best white wine of the festival not far from Sárvár, in Badacsony region. The concept of the wine contest of the festival was that wines could enter from the regions which used to belong to the immense Nádasdy estates back in the 17th century.


The winning white: Sabar Single Vineyard Olaszrizling, 2015

39 wineries entered 91 wines, and Sabar Single Vineyard Olaszrizling proved the be the best white wine of the competition. Sabar Wine House, an ambitious, dynamically growing wine estate produces its volcanic wines here, in Badacsony region. The winery takes its name from Sabar Hill of 217 meters high, just near the village of Káptalantóti – it’s one of the smallest of the mountains of Balaton National Park, however regarding the terroir, it’s one of the best with great potential. The fruit for Single Vineyard Olaszrizling comes from the north slopes of Sabar hill. The wine was fermented and matured for 8 months in premium Austrian oak barrels (Stockinger) of 500 litres. Besides having hazelnut, citrus notes and white flowers on the nose, some neutral white flesh fruits are discovered as well. Well rounded on the palate with lovely acidity. Elegant wine with great potential.

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