Mark wine days in your 2021 calendar!

How to start the first Monday of the year? Well, jumping into work is one option. Making some plans for the new year seems to be a nicer and smoother way to start new year. A Greek wine blogger, Anna Maria Kambourakis Kokologiannakis did the job for you! She collected the most important wine days of the year. Unlike several American webpages listing wine holidays, Anna Maria’s version is more complete. Absolutely complete does not exist, but Anna Maria’s calendar is the closest to it, because she was not lazy to ask the #winelover community.

Therefore three days with more or less Hungarian relation are also included!

1 FebruaryFurmint Day. Furmint is grown in several countries, but the initiative to celebrate the grape comes from Hungary, where Furmint is the flagship white grape.

4 DecemberInternational Cabernet Franc Day. Well, Cabernet Franc is obviously an international grape variety. The idea to dedicate a day to it came from California, still we have a lot to do with Cab Franc. The variety “has found its home in Villány”, thus Villányi Franc is one of our most precious red wines.

10 December – Aszú Day. Tokaji Aszú is unique, it can only be produced in Tokaj wine region (including the Slovakian part), so yes, it is our day! wishes you a very happy new year full of great wines!

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