More than 60 Hungarian wineries at ProWein

The largest and most important trade fair of Europe and of the world is coming closer. On 17–19 March an impressive Hungarian community booth of almost 500 square metres await members of trade to taste our unique wines of unique grapes. Happy Hungarian Wines represents a good bunch of wineries and Villány wine region will also display wines from more estates, while some wineries will have their own, separate booth nearby the grand community space. Some wineries you must visit: Bock Cellar (Villány), Csányi Winery (Villány), Dereszla Winery, (Tokaj), Dúzsi Family Winery (Szekszárd), Garamvári Winery (South Balaton), Gere AttilaWinery (Villány), Gere Tamás & Zsolt (Villány), Grand Tokaj (Tokaj), Koch Winery (Hajós–Baja), Kristinus Wine Estate (South Balaton), Taschner Winery (Sopron), Tornai Winery (Somló), Vylyan Vineyard and Winery (Villány).

25th ProWein – quarter of a century with constant innovation

ProWein owes its success to the innovative spirit of the team behind. In 1994 there were only 321 exhibitors and 1517 visitors, now there are more than 6800 exhibitors attracting around 60 000 trade visitors– what huge numbers! As Marius Berlemann, Global Head Wine & Spirits, Director ProWein says: „We do not relax, we continuously improve our services and react to any critics emerged. We are in contact with both our exhibitors and visitors to find the best sought after new features (for eaxmple when artisan wine occured to be of interest, we created a section within Same but different section).”

Villány, Szekszárd, Balaton

Hungary has 22 wine regions, each of them has its dominant varieties and merits of the terroir. Tokaj is certainly the „king of wines and wine of the kings”, but the above mentioned regions are also obligatory when somebody wants to have a deeper knowledge of Hungary. Here we recommend three wineries of each region.

Gere Tamás & Zsolt, Villány

The family winery has the knowledge and experience of the father and the passionate, innovative spirit of son – an ideal combination. Villányi Franc is the most important brand of the wine region, and the Gere family makes a superb Franc, one of the best ones in Villány. „Cabernet Franc has been promoted to be the flagship wine of Villány, and the vintage 2012 is one of the most beautiful example of Villányi Franc. Elegance and subtlety with a touch of charm from Villány. Serious body and structure, pleasant acidity and harmony make the experience unforgettable.”

Garamvári Vineyard and Winery, South Balaton

The oldest family owned sparkling wine cellar with still wines as well from the south of Lake Balaton. Balaton broad wine region is divided into 5 smaller regions, South Balaton is a region with white and black varieties, Garamvári for example has a lively, juicy Irsai Olivér, but they also make pleasant, elegant Pinot Noir. As for the sparkling wines, Vencel Garamvári was the first to make bottle fermented sparkling wine of Furmint, and he constantly works on improving the quality of this sparklings. The aromatic Irsai Olivér is a grape variety which has the potential to be elegant when vinified with great care and attention. „A light but extremely aromatic wine with bursting fruitiness, fragrance of perfume and a long aftertaste of bunch of ripe grape.”

Dúzsi Family Winery, Szekszárd

Szekszárd is probably the most versatile wine region of Hungary. It has a light red wine coming from indigenous  Kadarka, Bikavér is the powerful red wine of the region (Szekszárdi Bikavér is equally famous as Egri Bikavér), and the region makes different white wines and rosé has a signicicant share of the production as well. Tamás Dúzsi is often quoted as The Rosé King, because he makes several varietal rosé wines and blends as well, and he pays extreme attention to vinification. His sons and daughter follow path and take part in the work actively. Their Kékfrankos Rosé is a good example of their efforts. Bortársaság, distributor of Dúzsi Winery characterizes the wine as follows: „It’s the hippest Dúzsi rosé for years and not only for the contemporary silver screw cap but also because it’s vivacious, pure and fascinating. Pale rosé colour, fresh fruit aromas, perfect strawberry and no tutti frutti. Great palate with flavoursome strawberry and refreshing grapefruit. Delicious bitterness, Kékfrankos spice and a bit of appealing sweetness that suits it well at the end of the very long palate. It’s truly fantastic and it really has a screw cap.”


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