“Ms Ezerjó” about vintage 2020

Krisztina Csetvei is a multi-functional person: a winemaker, a general manager, a marketing manager, social media manager, event organizer, wife and mother. She never runs out of energy, neither of smiles. In a recent interview she was dubbed Ms Ezerjó – because she puts a lot of effort into putting the indigenousgrape of Mór wine region on the wine map. The interview was made by ‘Pinceképviselet’ (literally: The Representative of the Cellar), an enthusiastic online store which deals with smaller producers and sell wines close to ex-cellar prices. Here we publish the original text translated by Hungarianwines.eu.

– What does vintage 2020 and the upcoming harvest look like to you?

– This is the third year for us cultivating our vineyards with sustainableapproach, without chemicals. It has been an exciting year so far: no winter at all, but a beautiful spring, then summer with drought, later a huge amount of rainfall and now autumn has arrived with frost! It hasn’t been easy for us, we had to sprinkle several times. A good lesson for our team and it hasn’t been over yet.

– What is especially good or especially hard this year?

– Well, during the flowering season it was windy and cool, which is not the ideal for the berries later. Plus in our Somló vineyards unfortunately we suffered from some hail, too. But looking around in our vineyard we can see beautiful, healthy crop (yield is controlled). We would like to harvest the best fruit, but for that we need some more sunshine!

– What variety did you start the harvest with?

– We haven’t started the harvest yet and we need one more week for sure! I am waiting with the mock harvest as well, because the huge amount of rain diluted the parameters. We don’t need to rush, but have to keep an eye on the varieties with thinner skin like Ezerjó and Juhfark.

– What novelties can your followers expect for this autumn?

– The 99% of our barrel or amphora aged wines from 2019 have already been bottled! From the recent vintage we will make Ezerjó again in stainless steel, barrel and amphora, we will vinify our Grüner Veltliner and – as usual –, we will have the trilogy of Olaszrizling. Our blend, Kő-Papír-Olló (‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’) is unmissable, just like the other flagship blend of ours, Napholdcsillag (‘SunMoonStar’). At the beginning of the year 2021 we will release Panna, a fresh, crispy rosé, and for the first time we will make an aerated rosé from Pinot Noir.

– What is your favourite variety?

– Ezerjó and Ezerjó – in every style!

– Is your winery experiencing any negative effects due to COVID-19?

– Well, our HoReCa orders decreased significantly due to the lack of visitors in Budapest bars and restaurants. Thanks God the visitors to our cellar in Mór compensate us to some extent. During the summer we had a lot of guests and we are so happy about it. Our aim is to go on holding smaller scale, exciting events throughout the year. For example on the 12th of September we await participants for a vineyard tour with 5 more Mór wineries together (#welovemór).

– What sort of investments or developments do you carry on in order to survive the present situation?

– We planted some vines (mainly Ezerjó) in the place of the old or missing ones, though according to the guys in my team we should call it ‘new plantation’ (since there were a lot of replacement vines). Now it has a psychological aspect as well: we believe in Ezerjó, we believe in the future! And back in March, during the lockdown we launched a series of online tastings, we plan to continue with them, and of course we will go on with online orders and shipments (thanks to ‘Pinceképviselet’!).

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Kriszti Csetvei pouring wine at the 2nd Hungarian Gettogether (August 2019), which took place in Csetvei garden

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