The Wine Merchant magazine survey country ranking Hungary 2024

Hungary is as interesting as California!

The Wine Merchant magazine survey

The British The Wine Merchant magazine has carried on a survey with the opinion of more than 200 of their readers. The magazine is for independent wine merchants, therefore the answers represent the independent wine business scenery.

There is some bright future according to the independent merchants: Roughly half of all merchants saw sales increase in 2023, though with the average price per bottle of still wine rising by just 8p, to £15.78, the sector is not keeping pace with duty increases and inflation.

The survey includes a ranking answering the question “Which countries or regions do you find most interesting?”Hungary ranks the 15th position with the same votes as California. While California went down by 5 spots, Hungary went up 5 positions compared to last year. What can be the reason behind? Probably the passionate Hungarian winemakers with their creativity, enthusiasm and dedication. (See chart below.)

Thanks to Malux Hungarian Wine and Spirits to share the chart.

In the cover photo above: Krisztina Csetvei from Csetvei Cellar (Mór) and Gábor Ádám from Sabar Wine House (Badacsony) – two great examples of the adorable Hungarian winemakers.

The summary of the survey is available here, the full survey is in the print version.

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The Wine Merchant survey country ranking 2024

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