Muscat, the graceful dry wine

A beginner wine drinker usually starts with a member of the Muscat grape family – the fragrant, grapey aromas easily capture senses. Later, the more educated, especially the snobbish wine connoisseurs despise these aromatic wines, they consider them too easy, too simple. And in many cases they are right, but in careful hands Muscat can give refreshing, elegant, graceful wines with all the charming characteristics of the variety. Patricius Yellow Muscat from Tokaj is far from being flat and simple. “Enchanting elegant fruitiness, floral and herbs on the nose, the taste is characterized by minerality of the volcanic soil and crispy acidity. Perfect choice to refresh yourself on summer evenings.” The winery’s food pairing suggestion is prosciutto with sugar melon – an ultimate refreshness on hot May days!
The winery celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, hopefully soon not only virtually. (In Hungary life in the country is about to restart, terraces can open, soon life returns.)

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