New community bottle of unique shape in Eger wine region

Tokaj wine region has had its easily recognizable bottle for a long time. Szekszárd came up with a community bottle a few years ago. Eger wine region has also had the intention to introduce their own bottle for years, but it was not easy to come to an agreement. Last years discussions speeded up and finally the new bottle is presented. What is more, it has a really distinctive shape which will surely stand out of the crowd. Egri Borműhely (Eger Wine Workshop), a team of 10 winemakers did most of the job. The shape was inspired by an old, almost forgotten Bikavér bottle used in the 1930s. To conform to modern norms the shape was updated, the colour changed and each bottle comes with the inscription „1552 Eger” (to commemorate the famous bottle against the Turkish troops in 1552 to defend the castle of Eger). „The intention of Egri Borműhely members was to present a bottle that is immediately recognizable and so provides visual assistance for customers looking for Eger wines of superior quality. The eligible categories are white and red wines, single varietal wines and blends, and the two major brands of the region: Egri Csillag and Egri Bikavér. Minimalizing the impact of winemaking on the environment is high on the agenda of Egri Borműhely members so right from the beginning it was clear that the bottle must be light. ”Egri Borműhely members are wineries of great quality, like one of the first Winemakers of the Year, Thummerer Winery, or Tóth Ferenc Winery with Ferenc Tóth, who is celebrating his 80th birthday these days.


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