New orange wine by Kristinus

Kristinus Wine Estate in Balatonboglár wine region (South Balaton) is in the middle of convertion into biodynamic, as we wrote earlier in our article “No more gas masks!”. On the journey to more natural, Kristinus has created its first orange wine of 100% Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris). Only 600 bottles were made, therefore it will be a limited experience indeed. The biodynamicly grown fruit was carefully hand-picked, handled minimally, soaked and fermented on its skins in clay terracotta then nurtured in Hungarian oak for six months. Not only is the wine alluring and delicious to smell and taste, but possesses an absolutely gorgeous copper like colour to admire. You’ll explore aromas and tangy flavours of brown spices, dried apricots, green apple, pear skin, tropical citrus, coriander, caramel and peaches. The wine has a noticeable, but balanced acidity beside its 12% alcohol, light to medium body and great persistence of flavour on the finish. This dry, exotic, textured and aromatic wine falls somewhere between heaven and hell but does not fit neatly into the „traditional” category – says Florian Zaruba CEO about his favourite wine. Because of the limited amount, it will be hard to find Kristinus Szürkebarát Orange Wine elsewhere outside Hungary, but thanks God our country seems to be over the pandemic, life has got back to normal, hotels and restaurants are open, thus Kristinus awaits guests again with its fascinating rooms, bistro and the untouched beauty of the neighbourhood.

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