New rooftop bar with ‘freemason hints’ in Budapest

Sky Garden is a new rooftop bar on top of the also new Mystery Hotel downtown Budapest. The name Mystery was not chosen by accident: the predecessor of the hotel was built by the Hungarian Grand Lodge of Freemasons in 1896. The mystic elements referring to freemasonry appear in several ways in the architecture and interior of the hotel. Now let us recommend some wines from the menu of the bar.

25 meters above the street with Sauska Rosé Extra Brut

On the top of the hotel the view is fabulous, our souls are also lifted, thus a featherlight bubbly is the best choice to start the evening. This bottle fermented sparkling wine comes from Tokaj wine region – which is really rare for rosé sparkling wines –, and the pink colour comes from Pinot Noir, which is also included in the blend with Furmint, Hárslevelű and Chardonnay. “Lively blush pink. Expressive aromas of cherry, plum, and cloves.  Medium-bodied, pale, lengthy and clean, with lovely minerality and a long, elegant finish.”
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Local cheese selection with Tóth Ferenc Kadarka

The hotel is keen on buying fresh and artisan products from local producers. Vászoly is a village not far from Budapest, on North Balaton, and cheeses come from a cheese manufacture from here. Cheese selection is available at Sky Garden along with cold cuts selection, also from Hungarian artisan producers. Kadarka, a true Carpathian Basin grape variety is ideal with cheese and cold cuts, light and fruity, just like the summer breeze on the rooftop. “Medium intense ruby colour, sour cherry on the nose followed by sweetish, cake aromas of barrel ageing. Fruit syrup and jam taste on the palate. In the finish a bit of tartness complemented by sweet spices. Compared to previous Kadarka wines of the winery, this one is easier to understand however easy to fall in love with it.”

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Rákóczi cottage cheese cake with late harvest Grand Tokaj Yellow Muscat

This Hungarian dessert is usually served cold, but at Sky Garden we can taste a new version, the warm Rákóczi cottage cheese cake with apricot. What else can we pair but a great late harvest wine from Tokaj, which has some fresh, juicy fruit notes as well? Straw-yellow in colour, the wine has an intensive aroma of acacia blossom combined with botrytis notes giving it a unique and special character. The aroma combines the fruitiness of the Sárgamuskotály (Yellow Muscat)grapes with notes of pear, peach and mint. The creamy texture and honey notes of the wine linger long in the mouth.

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The Great Hall with Etyeki Kúria Pinot Noir

If the weather is getting colder, it is worth trying a dinner at The Great Hall, the stunning restaurant of the hotel on the 4th floor. The restaurant can boast numerous delicious dishes, just to mention one: duck breast with goat cheese, polenta and orange honey jus. The exciting plate will work perfectly with one of the most elegant of Pinot Noir wines of Hungary from Etyeki Kúria. “The bouquet delivers intense scents of sour cherry and blackcurrant with a slight spiciness, then a hint of chocolate. The palate yields juicy fruitiness, fine acidity and a velvety texture. An elegant burgundy-style pinot noir.”

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Mystery Hotel & Sky Garden

1064 Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 45.

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