Nimród is there in trouble

In Hungary citizens are still allowed to go out, but with restrictions, and fear is a good ruler: people rather stay at home. Kovács Nimród Winery in Eger offers free delivery to locals and the villages around the city of Eger, while in Budapest delivery is free in case of ordering wine for 15.000 HUF, in other parts of Hungary in case of ordering wines for 39.000 HUF. For every order a bottle of Egri Rosé 2018 is added as a gift. KNW wine are exported to many countries, their website helps find your nearest supplier. Nimród Kovács (in the photo) is the founder and owner of the winery, a businessman who made his career in the USA, and returned home to dedicate all his time to the winery. A fun fact: his flagship cuvée, KNW was used to be called Nimród, but he had to change the name, because in the USA Nimród was a famous and funny cartoon figure, it did not sound serious. Nimród is not a common first name in Hungary either, though Nimród is a very old Hungarian name mentioned in documents dating back to the Middle Ages. It means “hunter”. Now we are at war against an invisible enemy, we need hunters – especially when they help us keep our good mood and sound mind

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