“Oh, darling, it is not what it seems to be!”

Let’s have carnival with Lajver Incognito! While anglo-saxon folks are busy with their Valentine cards, the latin world suffers from standing still – it is time to dance! If Covid had not ruined our lives, now the streets of Rio de Janeiro would be full of extravagant costumes, hot dancers. The biggest festival of the world is cancelled, so let us have carnival at home – with Incognito from Lajver Wine Estate, a very special wine indeed from Szekszárd wine region!

An irregular Kékfrankos / Blaufrankisch

Did you know that the Carnival of Rio started as early as 1723? Now it is really the largest event of this kind with 2 million people on the streets per day! The date is always adjusted to Easter, to the beginning of Lent. The Carnival of Venice might be older, but its recent history started in 1979 – and this year the Carnival of Venice is cancelled, too.

So why Incognito? Because it is a Kékfrankos ‘in incognito’ – black grape vinified into white wine. The idea belongs to Attila Nagy, the consultant winemaker and viticulturist of Lajver, therefore the label bears his signature. Blanc de noir wines are sometimes clumsy and tannic, but Incognito is balanced and refreshing, great result of creativity!

Pale lemon green colour with silvery tinges. The nose is clean, showing reductive technology and low temperature vinification character with notes of melon and crunchy Granny Smith apple complimented by aniseed. The palate is dry, with high acidity and some phenolics, a digest and refreshing wine bringing a touch of pleasant bitterness on the finish, reminding the grapefruit peel.

(Julia Scavo DipWSET, winner of 3rd Hungarian WebWineWriting, the 7th best sommelier of the world – ASI 2019)

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