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Pannon Wine Guild is an association uniting iconic family wineries of Hungary. The Guild had planned to have a workshop with 20 wines just at this weekend at VinCE Budapest Wine Show, but, like many other events, it was cancelled (it is postponed to 6–7 June). While wine lovers are staying at home, we recommend a smart feature of Pannon Wine Guild – a great help to plan a future trip. The Guild created a passport, which is available at every member. If you visit any of the member wineries, ask for your passport – with the first stamp. Then each visited winery will give you a stamp. After the 5th stamp a free glass of wine is given, after the 10th one a wine tasting of 3 wines is provided. After the 15th stamp a bottle of wine is given, while after the 20th one a winery visit with 5 wines (including a top wine) is granted. Then you can start again… The official website of the Guild is in Hungarian, but you can still browse the member wineries, and by clicking on a member, you get to the winery’s website, which is usually available in English. József Bock, Mónika Debreczeni (Vylyan), Tamás Dúzsi, Tibor Gál, Attila Gere, Tamás Gere, János Eszterbauer, Vilmos Thummerer, Katalin Tóth, Csaba Vesztergombi are just some of the members and János Frittmann is also a member – he and his brother run the most important winery in the largest wine region in Hungary. Kunság was not known about quality wines until the Frittmanns put the region on the wine map. Their juicy Irsai Olivér and Cserszegi Fűszeres are perfect examples of these aromatic grapes, Frittmann rosé is always crispy and fruity, and the rare Ezerjó grape also plays important role: they make a bottle fermented sparkling wine of the variety! A barrel aged still version of Ezerjó is also a must-taste: “The fragrance of this lemon coloured wine shows notes of honey, butter and vanilla as well as some yellow-fleshed fruits. Aromas are nicely echoing the bouquet, and toasty notes appear along with flavours of apple, pear and mango. These latter ones provide a special creamy character to this wine, though keep its straight and vivid acidity as a primary structural element. Spicy aftertaste lingers on the palate.”

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