Patricius Furmint in Buddakan New York

Patricius Furmint in New York City luxurious restaurant

Buddakan – flamboyant and surreal

Gastronomical experts often say that the sweet wines of Tokaj pair well with Asian dishes. Furmint, the flagship grape variety of Tokaj is often vinified dry, and not surprisingly it also matches some plates of the Asian cuisine. Now New York citizens can get evidence of it at Buddakan, a restaurant with gorgeous interior and fabulous food. Exhilarating to the eyes and tastebuds alike, Buddakan presents the vivid flavors of the Far East in a surreal atmosphere that marries the serenity of Asia with the flamboyance of 16th-century Paris. Indeed, Buddakan is worth visiting, it is food for the eyes – and of course the palate will be pampered as well.

The wine list of Buddakan is not the largest of the world, however it is a great mix of everything – ideal for adventurous spirits. There are various sizes from half bottle to jeroboam, we can find the “compulsory” wines like Champagne, Chablis or Port, and then we can find a lot of exciting wines from every corner of the world.

There is one Tokaji Aszú from Royal Tokaji and a novelty now, a dry Furmint by Patricius Winery. Patricius has a whole range of Furmint wines including an organic one and single vineyard wine. Patricius Furmint 2020 on the wine list of Buddakan is the estate Furmint, the most popular dry label of the estate with a distinctive fruity varietal character, perfumed nose, minerality and elegant, vibrant acidity. A reliable wine in every vintage: a well-balanced and easy-to-drink terroir white wine.

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