Pláne – a provocative refreshment

Pláne is a word often used in Hungarian language, but is difficult to translate. One dictionary says it means: ’let alone’ while a native English speaking translator would use ’of course’ instead. The simplest translation is ’special’ so if you ask what the ’pláne’ is in this, you ask what is special about it. Well, we know what’s the ’pláne’ about this lovely designed areated sparkling wine called Pláne! made by Etyeki Kúria!etyeki_kuria_plane_frizzante_white_16_k

The winery is famous for its superb Pinot Noir but they are qually good at Chardonnay, and many young winelovers are familiar with their Red and White blends at extremely good price for the value. Their ’frizzante’, the areated sparkling wine is not a brand new product, it has already been the favourite of bubble lovers for a while, and from this season it is available with a fancy new design.


Pláne – full of bubbles

It is like its name, like a fresh summer meadow with white flowers and grapey aromas. Easy drinking, crispy, lovely and long enough with fresh, fruity flavours. It has more refined bubbles than it used to have. The sparkling wine is made of three grape varieties: Királyleányka (60%), Zenit (30%) and Szürkebarát (10%). It has a residual sugar of 5.5 gramm, acidity: 6,9 alc: 11.5 %vol. 15.000 bottles have been made, costs 2000 HUF in retail.


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