Type of the wine: White, dry
Grape variety: Ezerjó 100%
Acidity / alcohol content:  0,7g 12%
Terroir, vineyard:  Soltvadkert
Training system:  NA
Harvest: Hand harvested
Technology: A few hours on the skin then fermented in stainless steel. 8 months in oak barrel, 1 year ageing in bottle.
Quality level:  classic Wine
Temperature:  13-14 °C
Food pairing:  Fish dishes, poultry, meals with white sauce, veal
Available quantity:  9.000 Bottles
Retail price:  1500 HUF / 4–5 EUROS


The fragrance of this lemon coloured wine shows notes of honey, butter and vanilla as well as some yellow-fleshed fruits. Aromas are nicely echoing the bouquet, and toasty notes appear along with flavours of apple, pear and mango. These latter ones provide a special creamy character to this wine, though keep its straight and vivid acidity as a primary structural element. Spicy aftertaste lingers on the palate.

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