Type of the wine: White, dry
Grape variety: Chardonnay 100%
Acidity / alcohol content: 1 g/l 14%, 14.5%, 15%
Terroir, vineyard:  Meleges-hegy, Keresztrét, Urbánkó, Faragó and Páskom vineyards (‘crus’) and accordingly different types of soil: carbonated bare soil, carbonated Chernozem (fertile black soil) with forest remainings, loess, rocky, chalky brown earth
Training system:  Umbrella, curtain and single cane training systems
Harvest: Machine harvest
Technology:  All the 6 wines are made according to the same procedure. After destemming a 24-hour period of skin contact took place, then another 24 hours to settle down the must, and afterwards fermentation at law temperature (12 °C) with the help of selected yeast in stainless steel tanks. After racking the wine from the coarse lees, we kept it on fine lees for 6 months stirred constantly (batonnage). After treatment to stabilize the wine, bottling took place in May, and since then the bottles have been relaxing and maturing in the cellar of Meleges-hegy (‘Warm hill’).
Quality level:  Premium
Temperature:  13 – 14 °C This wine selection contains full bodied, rich wines with higher alcohol, therefore instead of the generally accepted white wine temperature (10-12 °C) we suggest a slightly higher temperature (13–14 °C). This temperature makes it possible to experience all the aromas, spices and notes of terroir that characterize these wines, and it is the optimal temperature to understand why these wines have been created.
Food pairing:  Since the wine is not an ethereal ballerina at all, we should find the pairing adjusted to this fact. Because of its roundness and full body a dish with creamy sauce, like a tagliatelle could be a good choice. Due to the spiciness and the attractive sweetish character of Traminer examples of Asian cuisine could match as well. A slowly made, confit beef would equally pair with this white blend. As for cheese types, a creamy camembert would suit perfectly.
Available quantity:  1.900 Bottles
Retail price:  19.990 HUF / 50–55 EUROS
Story:  The six wines of this cask have a special purpose: we would like to show something really special, something men do not encounter every day. The same vintage, the same variety, the same wine region, the same team – but the vineyards giving the fruit for the wines are different. Maybe each of them is slightly different from the others, maybe they all have some- thing in common, but they all reflect the character of the terroir. Imagine a group of people with different personalities, all of them are after a period of hard work, sweat, trial and effort, and all preparing for a gala dinner with the help of a personal taylor. What do they look like?
– Meleges-hegy: easy going and elegant.
– Keresztrét: trendy, confident but stays on the surface.
– Urbánkó: elegant with unique character of spices, it deserves attention.
– Faragó: robust, overwhelming, a little bit like an “elephant in a china shop”.
– Páskom: the one who takes all the attention. Multi faced, serious.
– Birtokbor (‘Estate wine’): our blend, the harmony itself.
Certainly, these wines might mean something else to others. That is what we, humans are like. Of different kinds, with different tastes, exciting, interesting, but that is the beauty in it, so let us enjoy it!


“A long lasting pleasure.” Based on our experience gained within the past decades, we can declare that our vineyard selected wines have a long ageing potential. During a few years of bottle ageing these wines become more complex, more mineral, deeper and more mature, therefore it is worth planning with them for the future.

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