Tóth Ferenc Egri Kadarka 2019


Type of the wine: Red, Dry
Grape variety:  100% Kadarka (K9 and “Ménesi” Kadarka clones)
Sugar / Alcohol:  Dry (0,9 g/l) 13.69 %
Terroir, vineyard:  Almagyar vineyard, Eger wine region, average yield is 7tons/hectare.
Training system:  Middle ang high cordon
Technology: September harvest. After fermentation, tank fermentation with roundings. After pressing and decomposition of malic acid, one and a half years of barrel maturation in a new 55hl Hungarian ace barrel. We filled 7300 bottles in the summer of 2021.
Quality level:  Classic
Temperature:  14 – 16 C°
Food pairing: Recommended with fisherman’s soup or letcho.
Available quantity:  2.500 BOTTLES
Retail price:  1990 HUF / 6-7 EUROS
Story:  In cooperation with several Hungarian and Transylvanian winemakers participation in the search of Kadarka clones, recapturing of the Carpathian Basin variety in the wine regions of Eger (in the first half of the 1900s, Kadarka was the dominant breed of the Eger wine region). Ferenc Tóth received the award “Ambassador of Kadarka in Hungary” in 2012.


It is a beautiful ruby ​​red wine that shows a high density in the glass compared to the variety. Its scent gradually unfolds, from mildly leathery scents to sweet spices to plum jam, many, many exciting aromas appear in it. All this is surrounded by a small waxy overtone for a moment. Its taste is dominated by similar notes, supported by a small cognac soup. Its delicate acid backbone, tannins and sense of alcohol give the wine a more definite character than usual. (CsokiLaBor)

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