Borjour Red and White tasting Budapest

Red & White Grand Tasting in Budapest on 3 November

About 80 wineries will pour more than 200 red and white wines at this grand tasting by Borjour event organizing team. The venue is Stefánia Palace near City Park and Heroes’ square.

Date and time: 3 November (Friday), 17.30–21.30
Venue: 6 halls of Stefánia Palace, Zichy Géza u. 3., Budapest, Hungary
Tickets cost 9900 HUF / 26 euros per person (unlimited wine tasting and mineral water are included). Tickets are available on the spot, though they might get sold out.
To reserve your ticket, contact the team here.
Food is available to purchase at the food vendors of the event.
To see the full list of exhibitors, scroll down here.

Meet our “cover stars”, four of the exhibitors

White (though in a red bag:): Dubicz 1014 Tramini from Mátra

Rose, tropical fruits, ripe grapes and spicy aromas” – this is a new label by Dubicz Winery and Vineyard from volcanic Mátra wine region. The wine was fermented and aged in stainless steel tank and it contains 60 g/l residual sugar.Tramini is an aromatic grape and popular in Mátra–and it works perfectly with desserts when vinified sweet. 1014 in the name refers to Kékes, the highest peak of Hungary not far from the family estate of the Dubicz family.

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Red: Teleki Tradíció 1881 Villányi Franc Kopár from Villány

Kopár is one of the most famous “crus” of Villány, a vineyard indeed bleak and barren (the word ‘kopár’ means barren), visible from the road from Villány to Siklós. The name became famous with Villány icon wine Gere Kopar, however, the grape for Gere wine does not come only from this vineyard, therefore they changed the name slightly (the letter ‘a’ is without accent). On the contrary, for Teleki Kopár the grape comes exclusively from Kopár vineyard.

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Red: Bock Merlot from Villány

Bock Winery has a wide range of wines with several outstanding red wines. Bock Merlot has been the favourite of many regulars of the cellar for a long time. Always velvety, always seductive, always overwhelming. The current vintage is 2019: ” Following fermentation it spends 12 months maturing in large, oak barrels after which it is bottled. Its deep, dark ruby red colour blends with aromas and flavours reminiscent of blackberries and blackcurrants.

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White (in a red capsule): Kovács Nimród Battonage Chardonnay from Eger

Nimród Kovács keeps saying that Eger wine region shares many similarities with Burgundy, now wonder the grapes of Burgundy feel good here. Kovács Nimród Battonage Chardonnay is one of the most popular examples of the variety in Hungary, it is available on the wine list of many top restaurants. Recently the wine was selected the best wine of the month in Vince magazine, the leading print wine magazine of Hungary. A sign of the success is that many other wineries started to use the ‘American formula’ of the word bâtonnage instead of the French spelling.

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Borjour tasting Budapest Stefania Palace
Some pictures from the last edition of the event

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