Refreshing news: CSWWC gold again for Kreinbacher Brut Classic 2015 Magnum

While most experts enjoy their well deserved summer holiday, Tom Stevenson and his team had gone through sparkling wines from 18 countries evaluating a record number of samples, in the southern English town of Kent. From Hungary only 5 wines were awarded, 4 of them are from Kreinbacher Estate, Somló. Kreinbacher Brut Classic 2015 Magnum won gold last year and was selected „Best Hungarian Future Release”. This year future turned into present, and the magnum won gold again, proving the expertise of the jury predicting great quality last year, before Brut Classic had been released. Kreinbacher Estate won 3 silver medals besides their gold: Rosé Brut 2016 Magnum has just been released, while Brut Classic 2016 Magnum and Prestige Brut 2016 Magnum are not yet released. The gold winner 2015 vintage is a blend of 71% Furmint, 29% Chardonnay with a dosage of 8,5 g/l. „Aged on the lees for more than two years now, but its remarkable freshness shows further potential for bottle ageing. Besides the citrusy flavours like grapefruit other fruits make it rich and characteristic of the Furmint grape variety. Intense and surprisingly smooth mousse, vibrant acidity and freshness feature this lean sparkling wine. The zest ensures a long finish.”
Photo: Csaba Barbay / Flashback

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Jazz inspired wines

Love of music and a painting by László Gyémánt with the title All that jazz inspired Kovács Nimród Winery from Eger to name their Monopole vineyard wines. Jazz is characterised by intimacy and spontaneity, inspired by a momentary feeling and often turns into a complicated, flourishing masterpieceDixie, Cool, Blues, Rhapshody and Soul – admire them on stage of Eger! (Soul Syrah has just been selected the best Syrah of Hungary by VinCE Magazine along with Vylyan Syrah).

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