Robinson – romantic dinner in Budapest with great wines

enhanced-24513-1452537594-1Valentine’s Day is approaching, so booking table for two is a number one duty these days. If you can arrange to come to Budapest, or you happen to stay here, Robinson restaurant near Heroes’ Square, in the green heart of the capital of Hungary is an ideal location. The building is on a tiny island built on a lovely pond, duck are swimming in idyllic peace. On the ground floor light French cuisinie, while on the first floor Dario Cecchini Tuscan master’s steaks cooked on charcoal, real „bisteccas fiorentinas” await guests. Celebrities like David Bowie, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Swarzenegger have spent time here and enjoyed the atmosphere.

The wine list is short but well selected, two examples:

Eger has a climate similar to that of Burgundy, thus Burgundian varieties feel at home here. Thummerer is a renowned family winery with well made, elegant, terroir driven wines.

Solus is undoubtedly the most famous Merlot in Hungary. Attila Gere made this selection of the best Merlot grapes long before the fellow winemakers. The smooth, long lasting, amazingly full bodied wine is unforgettable in itself, but can pair well with the Tuscan steaks.

Watch this short video, by the end you will get romantic – and hungry:


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