Romantic getaway at Lajvér Wine Estate

14 February is a joyful date for many, but at the same time fearful for many others. Should we celebrate? Should I buy a personal present? What if she hates Valentine’s Day? For women it is even worse. Will he treat me anyhow on Valentine’s Day? What if he forgets about it? The best thing to prevent all these worries is to be honest, tell the other that yes, you would be glad to celebrate this special day, but let’s do something together, so that we could enjoy the present together. Valentine’s Day wine dinner at picturesque Lajvér Wine Estate in Szekszárd wine region is a perfect idea. The valley of Lajvér spring is lovely and awaits visitors for long strolls before dinner. The wine dinner itself consists of 4 courses, and you will have the option to choose from two dishes for almost each course. How about a celery cream soup with ginger and wild boar meatball? Ginger is an aphrodisiac, and if it is not enough, Lajvér wines will surely increase the effect… Lajvér Merlot is soft like velvet, absolutely approprate for the romantic day. „Its bouquet is such that we can say “Now that’s a merlot” – a little woodland fruit, a pinch of blossom with just a hint of spices. The sweet spices of the barrel do not overwhelm the fruitiness of plums and blackberries and the acids pump up the wine’s vitality to just the right degree…”Valentine’s Day menu is available on 14–17 February. For more details and reservation write to Dóra Buzás:


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