Rooster calling – new vintage Vylyan rosé arrives

The rosé trend seems unstoppable in Hungary – just like elsewhere. Though official statistics are not available about rosé consumption nor production, a non representative survey carried on by Vinoport online wine magazine and its partners show that wine drinkers’s first choice is rosé. 40 000 people answered the questions of the survey in 2016, and 53% of them claimed rosé was their favourite wine style.

Amazingly fresh

What do you expect of a 2020 rosé? It should be crispy, refreshing, juicy. The labels for Vylyan ‘classicus’ wines show this freshness at the first glance. Of course the art lover team of Vylyan did not leave it to chance: the labels were designed by a graphic designer called Péter Králik. All the six labels depict a character of Herka’s legend, a girl who tricked the devil. The new rosé is fresh as a rooster in the morning, intense nose reminiscent of strawberry and lime, and the palate goes on with the the same character. Vibrant acidity and temptation to drink another glass. Officialy vegan wine.
If you like the figures of the labels, you can order a six-piece set of coasters!

Another good year

Kakas rosé is a blend of 85% Pinot Noir and 15% Merlot from Városhegy, Mandolás and Dobogó vineyards. The grape was pressed without soaking, they fermented the must and matured the wine in stainless steel at (16–20°C) to capture the natural carbon dioxide (which is much better than added carbon dioxide).

In 2020 spring came early, and it was followed by a summer with the usual heat and relatively less rainfall, as a consequence the vines did not need much protection against diseases. During harvest rainfall was low with high number of sunny hours and cool nights, therefore the berries could retain acidity.

More about Vylyan Vineyard and Winery

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