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Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight!

‘Santa Claus Day’ Wine Contest Grand Gold to Frittmann Kékfrankos Rosé

In spite of the American – and widespread – tradition, in Hungary Santa Claus does not come at Christmas, he leaves that to the angels. We celebrate the famous and generous bishop on his name day, on 6 December. This is the day when Hungarian kids receive chocolate in their boots (polished and placed in on the window pane). And we also have a wine contest with only rosé wines, judged by wine experts called ‘Claus’ (Miklós in Hungarian)!

Like in Lapland…

The idea occurred to a wine expert called Miklós Kunszeri at the University of Agriculture, and a professor – what a surprise, he is called Miklós – supported the initiative. This professor. Dr. Miklós Kállay was the president of the latest, 21st ‘Miklós Day’ wine contest. Most of the judges have the first name Miklós, and even the name of the hosting town includes Miklós in the name (Kunszentmiklós), and this year 238 wines arrived here, and only 8 of them received Grand Gold. One of them is Frittmann Kékfrankos 2023.

A basket of fresh red berry fruits

Frittmann is a family winery with a huge number of followers – no wonder, they “put Kunság wine region” back on the wine map of Hungary, and even Europe. The region used to have ill fame because of the numerous fake wines, and the Frittmanns proved with dedicated work that the region with mostly sandy soil can produce outstanding wines as well. They are mostly known for their aromatic, fresh, yet decent and high quality wines like Irsai Olivér, and they are also passionate about the indigenous Ezerjó grape variety – the Frittmanns even make a bottle fermented sparkling wine of this grape, probably the only one in the country.
The Grand Gold winner rosé is made of Kékfrankos, the most widely planted Hungarian black grape. It is cultivated all over Hungary. Kékfrankos gives fruity, elegant wines with refreshing acidity and long ageing potential.
“On the nose this light pink-coloured wine shows notes of cherry, strawberry and rosehip, together with some spiciness. The same cheerful and fruity aromas emerge in the sip as well, indeed, a special structure improves the notes more intensive in the wine. Light body, low alcohol content and crispy acids create the fresh base of this wine.”

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More about Frittmann wines

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