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Frittmann wines are made in the southern part of Kunság wine region in a small town called Soltvadkert, in a family winery. The parents and also the grandaparents grew grapes and made wines in Kunság which is the biggest wine region of Hungary. The new generation follows the route: the two youngest sons study oenology

and are now involved in the every day life of the winery. Frittmann Winery started their enterprise with the vineyards inherited from the parents, and increased its size, therefore the family winery has turned into one of the most significant wineries of Hungary. The Frittmanns have 60 hectares of grapes which were planted by themselves, the training system is the tratitional stake-support training and cordon trained vine, and besides they integrate selected, high quality grapes from neighbouring grape growers.

In 2007 János Frittann was awarded the presigious Winemaker of the Year – it was the first time that a winemaker from The Great Plain of Hungary received the award, and it was breakthrough for Kunság region, which had a rather negative reputation before. The renewed winery building was completed in the same year, it includes a barrique and a big barrel aging store room, a tasting room and some guest rooms. In 2013 a wineshop and a new, spectatular show case winery was added so that the visitors can learn the process of winemaking and can choose the wines to buy in a nice shop in pleasent atmosphere. The other prestigious award, The Winery of the Year was given to the Frittmans in 2015.







Frittmann Generosa 2022

It is a wine with light straw yellow colour. Its fragrance is dominated by fruitiness, mainly peach and pear. Alcohol, acids and the body provide a mild but opulent character in structure. There are yellow-fleshed fruits and refreshing citrus aromas appearing on the palate. All these features result in a well-consumable and really cheerful wine.


Frittmann Irsai Olivér 2022

The intensive fragrance of this straw yellow coloured wine delivers hints of different flowers, citrus, green apple and peach. On the palate the easy-going but dynamic acids accompanied by light body and low alcohol content make a pleasant first flavour impression. Aromas follow the notes of the bouquet, its aftertaste is characterised by herbal and lime associations. Nevertheless it is a fragrant wine, it is still a wonderful drink to quench thirst.

Frittmann Kékfrankos Rosé 2022

On the nose this light pink-coloured wine shows notes of cherry, strawberry and rosehip, together with some spiciness. The same cheerful and fruity aromas emerge in the sip as well, indeed, a special structure improves the notes more intensive in the wine. Light body, low alcohol content and crispy acids create the fresh base of this wine.

Frittmann Rosé Cuvée 2022

This salmon-coloured rosé recalls red berries like strawberry, red currant and raspberry. The sip is also determined by the vibrant and vigorous fruity scent, completed by spicy notes. It is a rich rosé with dynamic acids and low alcohol content. A well-balanced and easy-to-love wine.

Frittmann Olívia 2022

The blend of Irsai Olivér and Generosa. Two amazing local varieties just fulfill each other. Elegant and light, fruity and fresh with nice fragrant floral nose. By its taste you can find grape leaves, elderflower, peach – and basically the whole summer is in the bottle.

Frittmann Cabernet Franc 2022

A deep garnet coloured wine, its fragrance is primarily determined by concentrated fruitiness of dark berries framed by spicy and toasty notes. On the palate there is a serious amount of tannic acid characteristic of the grape variety, and this attribute is closely escorted by notes of black pepper, cinnamon, bay leaves and coffee. This strong feature is counterbalanced by the roundness of notes of blackberry, plum and blueberry in this opulent red wine.

Frittmann Gold Traditional Method 2019

Small bubbles nicely go up in this lemon coloured sparkling wine. On the nose it shows the characteristic aromas of méthode traditionnelle sparkling wines of yeast, sponge-cake and biscuits. The elegant sip structure is completed by medium acid level and creamy bubbling. On the palate herbal and grapefruit aromas complete the notes of the bouquet.


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