Save the Date! Lets taste organic wines with young winemakers

Date: 1 March 2017
Location: Budapest, DiVino Gozsdu
Type of event: 1 day tasting of organic wines for professionals and consumers

16 wines of 8 winemakers, all made of grapes from organic wineries, followed by handcrafted cheese and ham. Guests will be able to get to know the advantages, disadvantages and differences of organic winemaking at one of Budapest’s trendiest wine bars, DiVino Guzsdu, in the teeming, cosmopolitan centre of the capital.

Junibor is the association unites young winemakers who belong to family wineries. They have their own programmes, events, and give awards. Their aim is to help each other in the learning process and to address young people and educate them. Junibor has 29 members from 10 different wine regions. Winemakers can beome a member when under 35 and stay in the association till they turn into 40. The wines of Junibor can be tasted in DiVino wine bars. It has the same concept as the ‘brother’ DiVino Bazilika, but DiVino Gozsdu is situated in the heart of the party district of Budapest. If you want a table, you should reserve in advance, since it gets crowded in the evening.

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