Say ’cheers’ in the most difficult language in the world!

Tokaj sparkling to celebrate the heroes of Hungarian democracy

We have come accross a funy article done by WinePair recently: it is a collection of expressions from all over the world, all meaning the same – cheers.

You can see that even the Chinese or the Arabic extressions are relatively easy to pronounce when you have decoded the cypher of the strange letters. However there is a language which is not related to any of the other languages. It is a European language, but neither Latin, nor Slavic nor Anglo-Saxon. According to some linguists it might have something in relation with Finnish, but there is not much evidence. Yes, it is Hungarian. We are surrounded by nations speaking Slavic or Anglo Saxon languages, and we do not understand them, and nobody understands us. But today is the anniversary of our revolution, which took place on 23 October in 1956.
So today, please, take a glass, think of the heroes who died because they revolted against Communist dictatorship, and try to pronounce: Egészségedre!

What to drink today?

Of course we can suggest a lot of wines to celebrate this special day, but probably one of the best choices is a bottle fermented vintage sparkling wine from our iconic wine region: Tokaj. Sauska Estate makes superb quality méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine made of Chardonnay and two of the Tokaj grape varieties: Furmint and Hárslevelű. „Shiny gold, dried apricots, dates and caramel flavors. Strong and mellow in the mouth with delicious tobacco and black tea dominance. A magnificent print of a wealthy vintage with a great texture, a distinct volcanic-salty character, powerful and equable bubbles.”

For more ideas, please, visit our Great Hungarian Wines page.


What happened in 1956?

Hungarian people had been suffering under the dictatorship of the Russian controlled communist leaders, and the crowd decided to march in the streets. Many of the people were young university students – and many of them died. An interesting, easy to watch movie made recently – called Children of Glory– is about the Hungarian national water polo team and their unfair treatment at the Olympic games– and at the same timet he siege of Budapest, which was shamefully eliminated by the Russian troops.

Watch movie trailer:


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