Shrimps & Tagliatelle and a ‘little princess’

Hilltop Neszmély estate introduced a series of gastro videos during the spring lockdown to please their followers. The chef, Evelin Fazekas cooked mouth watering and quick meals – these recipes were really popular because they helped many housewifes who had to work online, help their school children with online learning and do household duties at the same time. Shrimps & Tagliatelle is one our favourite.

The recipe – quicker than a wink

Towards the end of the festive season most of us are a little fed up with big meals and cooking those big meals. Something light and refreshing can bring some change, so let us share chef Evelin Fazekas’s recipe, which is as quick as she is explaining it.

– Cook the tagliatelle in abundant water (with a pinch of salt). When it is ready, the shrimps are ready, too.

– Put a spoon of oil and a little butter in a frying pan.

– Add the cleaned shrimps, salt and pepper, fry them a little.

– Add a clove of chopped garlic and some chopped coctail tomatoes.

– Add a handful of fresh baby spinach and pour some cream onto it.

– After five minutes add the tagliatelle, cook it together for a minute and you can serve it.

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Királyleányka – an indigenous majesty

Chef Evely recommeds two wines to go with the meal: Hilltop Chardonnay – the acidity of the wine nicely balances the fatty cream of the pasta –, and Hilltop Királyleányka, which has lovely floral notes matching the flavours of the shrimps.

Királyleányka (literally ‘Little Princess’) is originally from Tranyslvania, the formerly Hungarian western part of Romania. Now it is often referred to as Hungarian indigenous grape variety. It is grown all over Hungary, typically in Mátra, Ászár–Neszmély, Eger, Mór, Pannonhalma, South Balaton and Pécs wine regions. It’s often used in blends, for exapmle in the popular white blend of Eger wine regon, Egri Csillag.

The wine made of Királyleányka has light yellow colour with greenish taint. It is slightly aromatic, delicate. It has a significant, but pleasant acidity. Its fresh acidity makes it a good blending partner for other, softer aromatic varieties. On the nose and palate it is full of fresh fruits and flowers.

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