Singing with the wine

Villány wine region and neighbouring city Pécs is famous for its annual wine choir festival. Wine drinking and singing were always closely related – and you can experience it yourself on 22 September in Kodány Központ, Pécs, where a Premium Wine Tasting will take place, what’s more, the participating winemakers will launch the event with a wine choir! 
As for the tasting: 13 premium Villány wines will be displayed along with 13 of the new Villány community brand, RedY– a fruit driven, easy to drink red wine. You will find Csányi Winery, Bock Cellar, Gere Attila Winery, Vylyan Vineyard and Winery among the exhibitors, and Gere Tamás & Zsolt will also present their premium Cabernet Franc, which was the favourite to many of our guests at the Hungarian WebWineWriting study tour. „Elegance and subtlety with a touch of charm from Villány. Serious body and structure, pleasant acidity and harmony make the experience unforgettable.
Pécs is easy to access via M6 Motorway from Budapest or by InterCity train. Tickets cost 3200 HUF / person, and after the tasting you can listen to the gala concert of the 22nd European Wine Choir Festival.

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