Sopron Wine Festivity 2023 May

Sopron Wine Festivity on 19–21 May

Music, wine, happiness in the westernmost Hungarian wine city

The original name of the event is ‘Borünnep’, in which ‘bor’ is wine and ‘ünnep’ is festivity or celebration. The programmes take place in the romantic centre of Sopron with two stages and cobblestoned streets packed with food trucks and winery exhibitors.

Date and time: 19–20 May 2023
Location: Fő tér (‘Main square’) in the Castle District of Sopron
Tickets: no admission fee, all the concerts are free, wines and dish plates are to be purchased from the exhibitors
Winery exhibitors: members of Sopron Wine Route will present their wines in the three day festivity, including one of the most famous producers, Kurt István Taschner.
Concerts: you can find continuously updated info on the Facebook page of the event.

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A day in Sopron will put you in festive mode!

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Taschner Winery and Sparkling Wine Cellar

A song by one of the performers, Aurevoir (their show is on 21 May at 20.00)

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