St Martin’s Day Wine Festival

Date: 10–13 November, 2016
Location: Hotel Gellért, Budapest
Type of event: consumer event

Hungary is often referred to as the country of festivals, and in fact we must admit that it is true. At least one festival is dedicated to each national dish, some events are to celebrate the season, while some festivities are held to keep traditions. St Martin’s Day is celebrated all over the country – we will come up with some programme tips next week – since Martin bishop was born in Hungary.


Hotel Gellért, the hotel with the stunning Turkish spa and wonderful view of the river Danube is the home of a wine festival for the 6th times. This year the judge of new wine, patron of winemakers, that is St. Martin and the patrons of gastronomy are summoned in Danubius Hotel Gellért. All halls and rooms of the elegant and tarnished hotel will be by permeated by the myth of patron saints of Czech beer, cooks, waiters, matured cheese and wine makers – welcoming guests with exciting food, drinks and programs.

marton-napi-borfesztival-gellert-1On Friday and Saturday several winemakers offer their new and older wines to sample, for example Babarczi Vineyard from Pannonhalma, Attila Gere from Villány or Etyeki Kúria from Etyek wine region.

Festival tickets are from 5900 HUF (19 euros) to 8900 HUF (29 euros).

The price includes admission to the wine festival and to the afterparty as well.

More information and tickets

To get into the Gellért Wine Festival mood, watch this short video about last year’s edition:

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