Summer-season at Deák St. Kitchen


Ritz-Carlton dishes, Kristinus and Lajvér wines

Budapest’s award-winning Deák St. Kitchen restaurant – belonging to the Ritz-Carlton hotel – has introduced its summer-season dishes. The restaurant is situated in Deák street adjacent to Deák square, the main junction of underground lines of Budapest. The square and its neighborhood is always vibrant thanks to the numerous bars, concert venues and shops. Though Deák St. Kitchen is located in a luxurious hotel, the restaurant has a bistro style and it attracts visitors “from the street” besides hotel guests.
The new menu is artistically prepared with fresh, delicious and dominantly Hungarian ingredients and offers warm-weather inspired dishes such as the following plates. The wine recommendations are done by us, the wines are available on the wine list of Deák St. Kitchen.

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Cold soup and Kristinus Kéthelyi Irsai Olivér

One of the most refreshing soups of the new menu is the chilled cucumber and yogurt soup with Osetra caviar and radish. Ideal with the ever refreshing, aromatic indigenous Irsai Olivér, and the characteristic aromas of cucumber do not dominate the wine. The abundant fresh fruitiness from medlars, gooseberries, pears and apples with some mandarins and sour sweets lends momentum and lightness to its medium acidity and alcohol. It vanishes relatively quickly from the palate, but calls for the next sip straight away. 

Confit duck and Szekszárdi Infinity Cuvée Selection

The crispy-yet-tender confit duck leg with caramelized cabbage pasta and roasted garlic jus is a perfect summer dinner. As the night grows late, we tend to choose red wine for our dishes, and this fruity yet matured Bordeaux blend is wonderful for the duck confit. The caramelized components rhyme with the barrel spices of the wine. For this wine the grapes were selected during harvest, then after fermentation in stainless steel and maturing the varieties separately in oak a barrel selection took place. The resulting wine is elegant, fruity (ripened raspberry) with integrated tannins and long ageing potential.

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