Taste 20 Stars of Eger on 15 March

Egri Csillag (Star of Eger) is the white blend of the wine region, and though it is relatively new – the concept was created a few years ago –, it has become immensely popular. On 15 March(a public holiday in Hungary, we celebrate the anniversary of the outbreak of revolution of 1848–49 against Habsbourg Monarchy) the town of Eger will host a wine tasting with around twenty wineries, all of them presenting their new vintage Egri Csillag.Visitors can also participate in the traditional procession of Castle Knights, enjoy concerts and join the after party. Thummerer Winery makes its Egri Csillag of the following varieties: 50% Királyleányka, 20% Zenit, 15% Sauvignon blanc, 15% Tramini. Tramini and Zenit gives it structure, Királyleányka and Sauvignon blanc gives it nice acids.The winery likes using Királyleányka (’Little Princess’), they make a bottle fermented sparkling wine as well using Királyleányka.Nice greenish tone. Fresh spring meadow full flowers on the nose. Tramini and Zenit give the body while Királyleányka adds the acidity of the wine. A really long lasting wine with lovely finish.

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