Taste Kékfrankos at the largest tasting in Budapest!

Only 4 days left until the largest indoor tasting of Hungarian wines: more than 220 wineries in one day, in one place, with one ticket. The event is ideal to gain deep knowledge of a grape variety. Are you interested in Furmint? You will certainly find some hundred beautiful examples of the grape. Or would you graduate in Kékfrankos (Blaufranskisch), our most important black variety? Again you will find stunning wines from Mátra to Villány, from all over the country. Sopron wine region on the west end of the country bordering with Austrian Burgenland is the „origo” of the variety. „Sopron, the endless array of vineyards, the microclimate of the nearby Lake Neusiedl, has inspired the people of the Sopron wine region and its surroundings from the Celtic times, so that the millennial tradition of viticulture is still extant and flourishing today” – as we can read on www.borjourmagnum.com (when you click on an exhibitor, you should scroll down to find the English version). Kurt Taschner is an ambitious and talented winemaker who cares for local varieties, and Kékfrankos certainly gets special attention. His Soproni Kékfrankos Classic is a lovely representative of the variety: „Fresh and lively wine, which represents the colour blue on the nose as well (‘Kék’ in Kékfrankos means blue): plum, blueberry and blue flowers with charming, playful spicy notes. Spices dominate the zesty palate supplemented by ripened fruits like cherry and plum.”

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