Taste the Best Hungarian Furmint in Eger at VINO festival

Hungary seems to be over the pandemic, events are allowed to happen and facial masks are not mandatory any more. Eger wine region opens the festival season with VINO on 21–25 July, an open air wine festival in the picturesque square of Dobó István in the heart Eger. The amazing city of Eger can boast with countless beautiful baroque buildings and a medieval fortress, which played an important role durning the Turkish invasion – the story of the battle is told in the most popular Hungarian novel called Eclipse of the Crescent Moon. Another remaining of the Turkish times is a renovated, gorgeous Turkish spa.

VINO festival in Dobó square
VINO festival in Dobó square (Photo: Róbert Nemes)

The Best Furmint of Hungary: Kovács Nimród Sky Furmint Nagy-Eged, 2017

VinAgora is an international wine competition held annually in Hungary. The gold winner wines have the chance to get great gold and Champion award if they are the best of a wine country or wines of the same variety. As for Fumint we might aspect the best of the best to come from Tokaj, but in fact Eger used to cultivate Furmint variety before phylloxera, and Nimród Kovács reintroduced this variety in Eger wine region with success.
This elegant Furmint comes from the best terroir in Eger, the Nagy-Eged hill as a special gift from a very good year. It was fermented in steel tanks (35%) and barrels (65%), and aged in 225 liters and 500 liters barrels on lees for 9 months. The colour of the wine is glit. The start of the aroma is discrete and elegant. A complex wine, exhibiting pear and apricot flavors with limestone and flint overtones.

VinAgora results

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Press release

At long last the first large scale wine festival in Eger is to open its gates in July. This is a festival that offers so much more than just wines, visitors can indulge in a unique and complex experience with music, arts and gastronomy. This is the fifth edition of VINO, a wine festival that has become one of the cornerstones of Eger summer events. Between 21-25. July more than 20 wineries representing the wine region will set up their stalls at Dobó István square offering sparkling wines, frizzantes, light, fruity and refreshing wines but also more substantial, aged ones. Wine lovers can meet some of their favourite winemakers too.

„A lot of effort has gone into organizing this event, so for us it feels like a huge achievement to have reached the fifth edition of VINO wine festival. The idea was to create an elegant and classy event where it really is wine tasting that takes centerstage as this wine region means the world to us. It is great to see winemakers and winelovers coming together and having a good time while enjoying delicious food and good music. This is what we are striving for”, says György Lőrincz winemaker.

Meanwhile at various spots in the Eger city centre a competition is going to take place among buskers. Different performers, different styles, different instruments, this kind of diversity sets the event apart from the usual concerts and contributes to a spirit of spontaneity guaranteed by the participating singers and bands. As an extra the Art Street Festival has also announced its participation at the event adding another layer to the diversity of VINO. There can be no doubt that many exciting works of art will be created on the streets of Eger during the festival.

„Eger wine filled the hearts of the defenders of the Eger castle with death-defying courage, so we can hardly wait to find out what it does to buskers”, says Zoltán Ábry, the organizer of the Buskers Contest.

The wine and food exhibitors:

Akona Winery | Bolyki Winery | Dula Winery | Eszterházy Károly University Vineyards | Gál Lajos Winery | Tóth Ferenc Winery | Gál Tibor Winery | St. Andrea Vineyards | Gergely Bástya Winery | Gróf Buttler Winery | Juhász Testvérek Winery | Kovács Nimród Winery | Nap-völgy Winery | Nyolcas Winery | Tarjányi Winery | Thummerer Winery | Torma Winery | Ostoros Családi Winery | Varga Winery | Varsányi Winery | Stumpf Winery | Petrény Winery | Rege Estate |  Eger Wine Route Association | Halda Cheese | 383 The Kopjari Water | and there is more to come…



Vine festival Eger
VINO festival (Photo: Róbert Nemes)
barrel vino festival
Photo: Róbert Nemes

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