The best Hungarian wines by Decanter Asia Wine Awards

The grandiose wine competition took place in September, the results were announced not long ago. A total of 3,155 wines from 34 countries were tasted in Hong Kong at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2019. This year Hungary did not receive any gold medals, but 4 silver and 6 bronze medals were given. The highest store (93 points) was given to Pajzos Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013 – no surprise, Tokaji Aszú, the king of wines „usually” wins. The two second highest scored wines, however, prove that Hungary has much more to offer beyond Tokaji Aszú wines. Hungary makes less red wine than white, but there are some really great quality red wines – like the second best rated (90 points) Kővilla Válogatás Cuvée by Csányi Winery, Villány. The other 90 points of Juliet Victor Szamorodni 2017 is another evidence to justify that Szamorodni, this traditional style of Tokaj is important and has its renessaince. (Read our earlier article on the topic.). JV Szamorodni is a blend: it gets big body from Furmint, refinement from Hárslevelű and finesse from Yellow Muscat. „Bright zesty lemon and a crunch of green apple acidity with a honeycomb sweetness and a long, spiced finish” – says Decanter jury about the wine.

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