The Best Wine under 10 euros in Esquire Spain

At the end of the year charts and top lists are abundant in the media. The Spanish online edition of Esquire lifestyle magazine has just posted a „top 13 wines of the year” written by renowned wine blogger, Santiago Rivas Muñoz. As the introduction says, readers can rely on the wine writer’s recommendations, because he is indeed experienced – he tastes loads of wines. His top list – in fact 4 lists according to price – contains wines mostly from different regions of Spain, and a wine from Napa and another one from Jura, France and – yes, from Hungary! The best white wine under 10 euros is an amphora aged wine made of autochton Ezerjó grape in Csetvei Cellar. „It’s crazy, such a great wine at this price, in fact it’s close to perfection, so Spanish importers should pull themselves together and buy some wines from this winery” – says Santiago about the wine he tasted at a summer study tour (Hungarian Gettogether) organized by Well said.

Read Santi’s full list of top wines here

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