The finest four days of May

Gourmet Festival, Budapest

Fine dining in street food servings

This outdoor gastronomic fair held annually gathers the best chefs and restaurants of Hungary, and visitors have a chance to sample the best examples of local fine dining in small, street food portions at reasonable prices. Every year has a topic, for example “gulyás” or sausage. This year topic is dumplings, which allows more playful associations for chefs than ever. Besides several international top chefs will deliver cooking shows on stage.

Top wineries at Gourmet Festival

Of course wine is an inevitable part of gastronomy, thus numerous wineries will exhibit as well. Bock Cellar from Villány, Grand Tokaj from Tokaj, Kreinbacher Estate from Somló and Sauska from Villány and Tokaj will present their new releases along with the favourites of their fans.

What to taste

Basically everything, for example visit the above mentioned winery stands. If you haven’t tasted Kreinbacher Rosé Brut yet, do it before it is gone – they still have more fans than bottles. And we are sure that Kreinbacher Estate will come out with something new.
The very first rosé sparkling made by Kreinbacher Estate is mainly Pinot Noir: this grape accounts for 92% of the blend. After the selection of base wines from Pinot Noir and Furmint from Somló (5%), they completed the blend with 3% red wine made of Kékfrankos (rosé d’assemblage) and then aged the bottles for 15 months. 10 g/l dosage is given at the end.

The new Rosé Brut is fresh and intensely fruity, expresses the refined character of Pinot Noir. “Bright peach-blossom colour. The nose is clear and full of fruits: pomegranate, strawberry, red cherries, some grapefruit and violet. Firm and precise structure with refreshing citrus aromas like grapefruit and lime, red-currant, strawberry. Despite its distinct acidity, this Rosé is easy to drink, quite rich and pleases the palate with a creamy mousse. Crystal clear wine with a nice finish. It’s all about freshness, for those who are attracted to spontaneity.”

When, where, for how much

A daily ticket costs 14 euros, thus it is wiser to choose the 4 day pass for only 29 euros. Every ticket includes a tasting glass and several tasting vouchers, including a voucher to taste the new hit from Villány wine region called RedY– a Portugieser based blend from 9 different wineries, meant to be the king of all summer parties.

When? 17–20 May, 2018
Where? Milenaris Park, Budapest, Hungary
Tickets and more info:

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