The „Furminator”, the 100 year old and many stunning moments

Florida and San Diego experts in Tokaj

FurmintUSA, the award winning Furmint promoter has started the new vintage – actively as they usually work. 10 US professionals came to visit Tokaj wine region, among them with a representative of  J. J. Knox, a San Diego high end wine merchant where several wines from Tokaj are available. The experts spent a few days in Tokaj full of winery visits, just to mention a few:

  • They saw pre-prohibition vines only days before harvesting with local patriot siblings, Hajnalka and Miklós Prácser from Erzsébet winery, followed by a tasting on the terrace.
  • The “Furminator” aka László Majoros presented his soils and Furmint wines.“His obsession towards all of the above is continuous, inimitable and invincible.”
  • The guests were sipping a glass of Furmint from its birthplace vineyard with its creator, Endre Demeter of Demetervin Pincészet. It was truly memorable: “His drive and devotion to the minerality and the rocky, steep slopes of Úrágya vineyards is admirable.”

Béres Vineyard in the last moment before harvest

“Picturesque and spectacular…”– that’s how the vineyards and wines of Béres Winery & Vineyards (Béres Szőlőbirtok) were described by the professional visitors the day before harvest. Béres staff is optimistic about the 2018 vintage due to the high amount of sunshine and the regular rainfall. One of their most popular wine, Naparany (‘Sungold’) will surely be amazing this year as well. The vinification is usually carried on in whole bunches. After settling Hárslevelűis fermented in 220 litre oak from Erdőbénye (the same village where the vinery is situated). Furmint is fermented in stainless steel. After blending the aging takes place in used oak for 2–3 months. Bottling at the beginning of the summer. The acidity and minerality of Furmint, the fruitiness of Hárslevelűand the short oak aging adds up in a harmonious, refined, rounded wine.

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