Gere Fekete Járdovány Villány wine

The “Jurassic” wine is available in the US

Gere Fekete Járdovány at Taste Hungary

Fekete (literally black) Járdovány is a grape variety unknown for even local wine experts. It is practically not grown anywhere else, Attila Gere, the iconic winemaker in Villány however has a tiny vineyard of this ancient grape of the Carpathian Basin. He carries on several experiments with the research centre of Pécs, and his single varietal Fekete Járdovány is a result of this experiment. The grape extinct with phylloxera, but it came to life again in 2011, when the first vintage was made.

This rarity is available in the European Union and also in the US thanks to Taste Hungary, a company importing and selling wines in Europe and in the United States.

“In the glass, Fekete Járdovány has a pale cherry-red color with pink reflections. It has aromas of sweet vanilla, caramel, ripe black cherry, and coffee (due to the 10 months it spent aging in small oak barrels). With 13.5 percent alcohol, this reminds us of a Nebbiolo-based wine, with its pale color, elevated tannins and acidity, long finish, and flavors of caramel, cherry, and coffee. This wine represents the effort of generations of winemakers and ampelographers to revive ancient grape varieties. And we are thankful for that!”

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Interview with Carolyn Bánfalvi, co-founder of Taste Hungary

Attila Gere family
Gere Attila Winery is now called Gere A Winery – referring to the initial of not only Attila, but daughter Andrea and son Attila as well

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