The longest wine festival of Hungary begins in 10 days!

Date: 12–21 May, 2017
Location: Szeged, Dóm square
Type of event: outdoor wine festival with gastronomic exhibitors, music programs, fireworks

Budapest Borfestival is probably the most famous wine event, it has been held for 25 years and in September the 26th edition will come, however the wine festival of the city of Szeged is the longest one, and definitely one of the most popular wine events. The 23rd edition will begin in 10 days. The festivity is an endless celebration of a lively city, which is at this time full of university students.

More than 150 wine exhibitors


Lajvér rose 2016

With this huge number of wineries you will surely find your choice! Some reccomendations:

Try their silver medal winning new rosé wine made of Portugieser!

Their Pinot Noir is a must! One of the best in Hungary.

A few know that besides ther great aromatic wines, they produce méthode traditionelle sparkling wine as well from Ezerjó grape. Fantastic, ask them, maybe they have some spared!

The winery has proved the be the best in the last wine contest of Villány, try their award winning, fabulous Cabernet-s!

The modern winery makes fruity, easy drinking yet complex wines, their Bikavér is simply superb, do not miss it!

The winery makes nothing but outstanding wines. Try their méthode traditionelle sparkling wines, both white and rosé, taste a single vineyard Furmint, and of course a stunning red wine of them from the Villány vineyard.

The Circle of Hungarian winewriters organized their first wine selection at the beginning of this year, and according to them Thummerer Bikavér is the best wine of Hungary in 2016! You do not want to miss it, do you?

Public transport almost for free

To get people home safe Szeged city’s public transport has a special offer: festival goers can use all means of public transport every evening (from 6 om till the last one) with one single ticket. The wonderful city offers a lot to see, thus it is a unique occasion to enjoy wines, gastronomy and the sights of Szeged. The city has the third biggest population of Hungary. It lies on the banks of the river Tisza, 169 kilometres from Budapest. A motorway takes you to Szeged quickly or you can choose the InterCity train as well.

The website of the festival is only in Hungarian, but if you have a question, write to us, we can help!

And a bit of humour at the end…

Some years ago Szeged Wine Festival was advertised with a video, in which a typical „new rich” Hungarian businessman speaks about the festival. The text is in Hungarian, but you will understand the main point, just watch it, only 2 minutes. He says his doctor had prescribed him a glass of wine every day. Only a glass, not more! (’Szigorúan egy pohárkával’ = Strictly only one glass).

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