The top gold winner beauty from Antinori’s Tolna estate

Last week we published some of the special prizes and great gold medals of the most important national competition of Hungary. „Simple” gold medals seem to stay in the shadow, as if gold was not brilliant enough. But when there are 908 entries, it is an honour to be among the 140 gold winners. Especially with the highest score of the gold winners! Tűzkő Estate is one of the proud gold winners with their Tűzkő Domb, the flagship blend of the winery. Tűzkő Domb Cuvée 2017 received 91.50 scores, which makes it the most successful gold winner apart from the great gold winners. The estate is situated in Tolna wine region, one of the less known wine regions of Hungary in spite of the infinite merits of the region, neighbouring star regions like Villány or Szekszárd. Tűzkő is owned by Marchese Piero Antinori – a guarantee to create great quality wines true to their terroirs. So who is this gold winner beauty? „Deep colour,  full bodied, matured wine rich in refined tannins. Thanks to the two varieties fruity and spicy notes meet, and the blend is made complex with some discrete barrel ageing and 10 months of bottle ageing. Refined, integrated tannins with the deep, warm character of Cabernet Franc and the velvety and chocolate character of Merlot.”

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