The young radical – a new way of making Tokaj wine

When International Wine Challenge is mentioned, the rigorous, world famous wine contest occurs to us, though IWC has an online publication as well. IWC Canopy is full of interesting articles for the wine trade edited by Chris Boiling, a wine writer who has been to Hungary several times and who knows Hungarian wines from first hand (and he happens to be a judge at our Hungarian WebWineWriting this year). He tasted TR wines in February, and he was fascinated by them. No wonder he wanted to know more about the producers of those marvellous wines, so he asked Anikó Kada, an amazing young lady from TR winery to tell her story. She was seven when the atmosphere of grape harvests touched her for the first time, but then many years passed until she finally left her office job to do something radical in Tokaj wine region. Anikó Kada is the co-owner and manager of TR Winery, but she prefers the title „member of TR team”. In the article she tells the story of her life, and the story of Tállya Radicals (TR), a young winery in the tiny village of Tállya. „The first vineyard we visited was Palota (which means ‘castle’). It was love at first sight. Excellent exposure, 3.5 hectares, vines of eight to 25 years old, and a charming view of the village. It was just the right size to start with, but not enough to build a proper wine business around. At this stage, I was also still unsure about how long this passion would last. So, what I did was… socialise with the locals to limit my expenditure.” – this is how it started, and nowTR winery is a key player of the region with their extremely pure, characteristic dry and sweet wines made of indigenous grapes, Furmint and Hárslevelű.

Read the whole Canopy article by Anikó Kada

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