Thummerer and Szent Tamás – the winewriters’ choice

At the end of a year, beginning of another one loads of lists, charts, top ratings declare the best wines – and the consumers might be embarassed by the hundreds of ’best wines’.


Winewriters in Kadarka bar

The winewriters choice is however something to rely on! These lucky guys taste plenty of wines during the year, thus if something is remarkable for them, it is really remarkable, you can trust them!

In the first round of the contest the Circle of Hungarian Winewriters nominated their favourite wines from the last 5 vintages both in dry white and red categories. Then the members voted for the list of nominated wines until they reached two lists of 12-12 wines.

In the last round the winewriters tasted the 24 for wines in a blind tasting. The award giving ceremony will take place in the city of Debrecen on 21 January.

The winners are:


White: Szent Tamás Wine Estate and Winery, Mád, Tokaj: Szent Tamás Furmint, 2013

thummererRed: Thummerer Winery, Eger: Egri Bikavér Grand Superior, 2012


borszakirok_transparent-01Circle of Hungarian Winewriters
  is a relatively new association founded in 2016, the editor of this site is a founder as well. The aim of the Circle is to protect fair writers and media and act together when some unfair behaviour appears. The winewriters work to maintain and improve quality winewriting, discuss topics of professional terms of wine description, organise professional trips, conferences. Currently there are 22 members.


The 12 best white wines – the so called Super 12

Balassa, István:  Villő / Mézes-Mály Furmint 2015
Bott, Frigyes:  Super Granum 2013
Demeter, Zoltán:  Szerelmi Hárslevelű 2015
Figula Winery:  Olaszrizling Öreghegy 2013
Gizella Cellar:  Barát Hárslevelű 2015
Holdvölgy Winery:  Expression 2012
Kovács Nimród Winery:  Chardonnay Battonage 2013
Pannonhalmi Apátsági Winery:  Prior 2015
Szent Tamás Wine Estate and Winery: Szent Tamás single vineyard Furmint 2013
St. Andrea Wine Estate:  Mária 2013
St. Andrea Wine Estate:  Napbor 2015
Szepsy, István: Úrágya Furmint 2015

The Super 12 red wines

Balla, Géza: Sziklabor Feketeleányka 2012
Bott, Frigyes: Kadarka 2013
Etyeki Kúria: Pinot Noir 2014
Heimann Family Estate: Kékfrankos, Alte Reben 2014
Heumann Winery: Cabernet Franc 2011
Jekl Winery: Cabernet Franc Feketehegy 2011
Kovács Nimród Winery: Grand Bleu 2011
Mészáros Winery and Cellar:  Ohmerops 2012
St. Andrea Wine Estate: Nagy Eged 2011
Takler Wine Estate: Primarius 2012
Thummerer Winery: Egri Bikavér Grand Superior 2012
Vin Art Pincészet  – Villányi Csanád Cuvée 2012

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