Tokaj rocks on!

Again a good piece of news to greet the weekend: Tamlyn Currin (in the photo), who has previously described several Furmint wines from Hungary, now visits Tokaj wine region and she is imressed by the diverse soils of the volcanic mountains. “Those volcanic soils – rhyolite, rhyodacite, dacite, andesite, basalt, zeolite, pyroclastic tuffa – their names as foreign-sounding as the villages surrounding them, are increasingly being harnessed to make dry wines… stunning dry wines. Harnessed is the wrong word. You can’t ‘harness’ soils. But there is a new wave of winemakers learning new and old things about these ancient soils. Throw in the impact of climate change, and the terroir of Tokaj now must be re-learned for complex dry wines that will age and develop, and, I believe, earn an established place alongside of the finest whites in the world.” And Tamlyn goes on, she gives several examples of those complex, world class white wines from Barta Cellar, Chateau Mate, Királyudvar, Tokaj Nobilis, Patricius Winery, Sanzon and Zsirai. The wine descriptions are artistic and detailed again, it is pleasure to read them. Zsirai Betsek Furmint 2018 for example “Almost slams into your chest, shuddering with feeling, then there is gentleness. Long and powerful. Like a cliff face, like ocean foam clinging to sand.” Try reading the text and then shut your eyes – you might taste the flavours of the wines.
And: Tamlyn Currin has accepted our proposal to be a jury member of our 3rd Hungarian WebWineWriting competition!
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